Workspace details

Explore the workspace details

JupyterLab Session

Click JupyterLab icon to open JupyterLab session of 'legal-course' workspace
Each running workspace has an activated JupyterLab icon as the following image. Click the JupyterLab icon to open a new JupyterLab session of the workspace.
The JupyterLab session will be open on the new tab with the installed notebook on the image.
JupyterLab session

SSH Session

Click SSH icon to open the instruction popup
An activated SSH icon is also showed up on each running workspace. You can find the detailed instruction to SSH into the workspace container as follows.
For detailed instructions, please refer to the ssh connection page.
Linux username is vessl.
SSH instructions


The metadata tab entails all the workspace configuration as follows.
Workspace metadata of the 'glaring-police'


When you create a workspace, the workspace Docker container will be created. You can monitor the workspace container logs on the logs tab.
Monitor the workspace 'glaring-police' log on the logs tab


The monitoringtab displays the system metrics of resources. The graph will show you the CPU usage and limit, memory usage and limit, network inbound and outbound, and disk usage. Moreover, the GPU utilization graph will show up if you use the GPU acceleration.
Monitor the system metrics of workspace 'glaring-police'
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