Create a project

How to create a project?

To start creating a project, click the +New Project button at the top of the project page. Version control projects and CLI-driven projects have similar steps except for a second step, which will be stated below, that imports source code from the version control system(VCS) such as GitHub.
Click the New Project button on the Projects tab

1. Choose type

You can choose the type of project either version control or CLI-driven in the first step.
Choose project type you want to create

2. Import from VCS

This step is only for the version control project type.
If you haven't authorized your GitHub account in SavviHub Web Console before, then you need to install SavviHub GitHub App first. Click Connect GitHub button to authorize your GitHub account.
Authorize your GitHub account
After you grant permission for installing the GitHub app in your account, you may choose which repository you want to grant access right to SavviHub. Choose the repository and click the Save button.
Grant access to the 'savvihub/examples' repository
Next, choose the GitHub repository you want to use for this SavviHub project.
Choose the 'savvihub/examples' GitHub repository for this version control project

3. Configure settings

To finish up creating the SavviHub project, choose the appropriate project name and the description.
The project 'my-first-project' will be created
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