Hands-On: Try quick start to grasp a concept of SavviHub

Project in SavviHub

In Savvihub, a project is a basic element of the organization that contains machine learning code. There are two types of projects in SavviHub; version control project and CLI-driven project.

A version control project is the recommended type of project which enables users to manage code version by integrating GitHub to SavviHub. Once you've granted access to install a SavviHub GitHub App to your GitHub account, the source code will be cloned from the GitHub repository automatically. You don't need any extra work or a Dockerfile to run your code on the Kubernetes cluster.

A CLI-driven project is a more flexible type of project in a way that it allows you to create an experiment from the non-GitHub project, but this type of project has some limits in terms of running experiments only with the SavviHub Client. When you run an experiment locally, then you might find a CLI-driven project more suitable.

Noted that project type is NOT interchangeable currently.

Project Type

Web Console

SavviHub Client


Version control







Not required

​Project in Web Console

You can find the Project tab in the left-most corner of the Organization menu. If you click the tab, the full list of projects will appear on the page. Click the project block you want to use.

Click Projects tab to list all the projects