Volume mount

What is the volume mount?

Users can mount datasets, projects, and files to either an experiment or a service.

1. Volume mount to the SavviHub cluster

When users create experiments or services on the SavviHub cluster, they can find the volume mount tree in the form of a file browser starting from the root directory(/). Below are some directory paths and notes.
Repository path
Mount objects
Dataset, Project, a trained model, files
A default mount path for datasets
A fixed immutable empty directory
A working directory
A mounted dataset and project

2. Volume mount to the custom cluster

If users want to start experiments or services on the custom cluster, they can find anADD NFSoption in addition to ADD DATASET and ADD Fileoptions. The following is the NFS mount option and notes.
Server URL
NFS server endpoint
Server Path
NFS directory absolute path to mount
Mount Path
Mount destination path to experiment container
A mounted NFS and project
You can only mount NFS volume to the custom cluster.
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