SavviHub provides a command-line interface (CLI) for managing SavviHub resources. Install the latest version to get started.

The minimum required version is 0.1.7. Check your version with savvihub --version and run pip install --upgrade savvihub if it does not meet the version requirement.

SavviHub CLI/SDK requires Python 3.6 or above.


You can invoke the SavviHub command-line interface using savvihub (or sv for short). Use the --help flag for more information about each command.

If you do not provide certain required values, SavviHub will inquire these values interactively by default. If you wish to turn off this feature, use the --no-interaction flag. (Configuration commands may still inquire.)

Most commands require an organization (and a project) to run. For example, in order to view your datasets, you must specify an organization. In order to create an experiment, you must specify which organization and project to create it in. SavviHub will use the default settings. However, if you wish to specify a different organization or project, you can do so using the --organization and --project options. You can also change your default organization and project at any time.

Explore the following pages to learn more about how to manage each resource using the CLI.